Key market indicators

295 700 m²
Vacancy rate
5,40 %
Under construction
71 500 m²
Headline rents
5,10 €

The Žilina self-governing region is located in the northwest of Slovakia and is the third largest region in the Slovak Republic. The region borders the Czech Republic in the west and Poland in the north and also shares borders with three other Slovak regions - Trenčín, Banská Bystrica and Prešov. The region is divided into five regions (Horné Považie, Kysuce, Liptov, Orava and Turiec) and 11 districts (Bytča, Čadca, Dolný Kubín, Kysucké Nové Mesto, Liptovský Mikuláš, Martin, Námestovo, Ružomberok, Turčianske Teplice, Tvrdošín and Žilina).

The Žilina region is a region with great investment potential. There is a good base for the needs of high-tech industries such as software engineering, information and communication technology, electrical engineering, electronics. The development of services has also accelerated in recent years - especially in the areas of finance, research and development, tourism, logistics and trade. The region has a long tradition in engineering production (railway equipment, bearings, construction machinery and tools), which was followed by the automotive industry. The leader of regional economic growth is the Korean carmaker KIA Motors, which is also the largest foreign investment in the region. Forestry plays an important role, as forests cover more than 50% of the region's area. Thanks to these rich wood resources, industries such as the woodworking industry and the pulp and paper industry are traditionally well established in the region. The region is rich in mineral springs, several with healing effects, which significantly contributes to the development of spas, wellness services, as well as the production of beverages. Tourism is a fast-moving and promising area of ​​the economy.